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Bible Verse Bracelet, Joshua 1 9 Bracelet, Christian Bracelet, Black Stainless Steel Leather Bracelet Gift

Bible Verse Bracelet, Joshua 1 9 Bracelet, Christian Bracelet, Black Stainless Steel Leather Bracelet Gift

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Christian - Bible Verse - Joshua 1:9 Engraved Black Stainless Steel Mesh PU Leather Bracelet

It may sound like a small thing, but our Bible Verse Bracelet is one of the best gifts you could give! This Bracelet is perfect for any Christian with their favorite verse.

This Bible Verse bracelet is a beautiful gift to give someone for any occasion. It can be given as a present, or it could also make an excellent accessory that you wear every day and keep close by in your purse. The words of encouragement from Scripture are right there on the cuff so no matter what life throws at you- whether good or bad, happy or sad--you'll always have God's Word with you when times get tough!

Christian - Bible Verse - Joshua 1:9 Bracelet

Holy Spirit is with you! This BIBLE VERSE BRACELET will be a blessing to any Christian.

"What are YOU waiting on? Holy Spirit is with us all - now more than ever before! With a high-quality stainless steel construction and engraving that won't fade or wear off over time like most other metal Bracelets out there today...Holy Ghost finally has something tangible we can use every day!"

  • BIBLE VERSE BRACELET - Engraved Black Stainless Steel Mesh Leather Bracelet for Christian.
  • It's an ideal Christian gift idea for many occasions, such as Valentine's Day, Fathers' Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries.
  • This bible verse bracelet measures approximately 9 inches (23 cm) in length and is adjustable. This makes it a universal size, a timeless, handmade masterpiece that can fit anyone's wrist.
  • This timeless bracelet is completely handcrafted; packaged in an exquisite bag of the highest quality. It is made of black stainless steel and PU leather - highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing.
  • We honor a one-year manufacturer warranty. To us, it is either 100% customer satisfaction, or we refund your money completely.

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